In the tone control circuits, digital system tone control design, which has been passed on for the first time to date, has been produced. Thus, mechanically constructed magnetic gradients are transferred to the digital medium. Design and production have been provided so that they can be mounted on plaques previously made of mechanical type tones. Digital tones can be applied on the plaque by removing the existing tone system on the baglamas or guitars.

HzN Tsw-01 Plaque Type FEATURES

Instead of tone selector switches, the magnetic tone selection is made digitally. With two potentiometers (EŞİK-SAP) tone selections can be made independently. Tone transitions are smooth and fast. 36 tone combinations were used. Additional toning is provided with the ability to turn off the threshold or handle magnets. The selected tone can be monitored via 8 led displays. A system-specific, low-noise preamplifier circuit is integrated. If desired, the pre-amplifier can be switched on (middle switch), if desired direct magnetic outputs can be taken. The preanalytical integrated tone control potentiometer was added. Passive bass-treble control is possible with a single pot. Two potentiometers (Threshold Magnetic – Sap Magnetic) were used to adjust the output level of the threshold and shaft magnet. The output levels of the magnets are adjusted independently to provide additional tonality.


Sound Check / Test Videos

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