We manufacture all circuits by ourselves.

All the materials used during production are proven in the market and selected from quality brands.

Some of the electronic materials used in production are listed below:

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Single or generally double layer,
In-hole coating,
1.6 mm thickness,
Red / green masking,
White printing,
High quality.

Resistor (Resistor)
Metal film resistance,
1% tolerant

10% tolerant polyester or monolithic capacitor,
105 C miniature type electrolytic capacitor,
10% tolerant tantalum SMD capacitor,

First class Taiwan type switches,
Mini or miniature switch types,
13 mm. Long shaft potentiometer,
High quality metal type stereo jack,

High quality shielded cables for use at the exit,
Quality installation cables for installation

Semiconductors (semiconductors)
Semiconductors selected from known brands in the market.

Pot heads (Knobs)
Aluminum alloy,
High quality coating,
13 mm in diameter